VRG5-31412SFP-CW-AC-DR router on Bridge Mode

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VRG5-31412SFP-CW-AC-DR router on Bridge Mode

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The VRG5-31412SFP-CW-AC-DR

This modem is built by Connection Technology Systems Inc. (CTS), and used in many countries, like in Switzerland with Sunrise provider.

Thanks to – Mr. Jovi Chen 產品管理部 陳思瑋, Application Engineer /PM /CTS – for all informations.


A) The device is set by default to, and the administrator username is admin with blank password.

B) The FBO Internet Access for Sunrise is using the VLAN ID 11 (Using Swisscom infrastructure), at least in the French part of Switzerland

C) You want to configure it in bridge mode to use it with another security appliance, like a Zyxel USG 210

D) For that, you need to configure the VRG5 in Bridge Mode

Step 1 – Connect everything together

1) VRG5 Port 1 connected to Zyxel

2) VRG5 WAN side(fiber port) will take VLAN 11 out to internet

3) Zyxel USG through VRG5 Port 1(bridge) and out from VRG5 WAN port also take VLAN 11 out to internet.

Step 2 – Configure the VRG5

1) Use DHCP Client, nothing else to configure on « Wan Interface »

On VLAN Settings,

1) LAN – 1 Interface set to “Bridge” / Access(PVID) = 11

2) WAN – VLAN Mode set to “Trunk” /  Trunk VLAN = 11

After setting done, you also can check VLAN State for sure.

(VLAN ID 11 / LAN 1 and WAN should be « V« )